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Mountain Middle School*: Integrating Technology into the Curriculum to Support Standards-Based Achievement and Project-Based Learning
*Pseudonyms used in this case

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Case Overview
During the 2000-2001 school year, Mountain Middle School had 1,366 students in grades 6-8. It is located in Colorado in an upscale community bordering a major metropolitan area; only 7% of the student population received free or reduced lunch assistance. Approximately 14% of the students are non-white.

The school had a long tradition of focusing on curriculum standards. Students and their teachers at Mountain Middle School used technology to support studentsí achievement of these standards. This ranged from the use of tool software for studentsí work on research projects and in the eighth grade Inquiry class, to drill and practice programs for students who were below standard in subjects such as math. The school had several centers designed to support enriched learning opportunities or remediation. The TREK Center allowed students to pursue areas of interest for enrichment or acceleration with the support of technology and media. The Proficiency Center was designed to provide struggling students with individualized or small group instructional experiences that would assist them in working towards basic levels of proficiency in core subjects. The New Start Center provided support for students who were at risk of failing core subjects due to lack of performance.

In 2001, the school achieved Colorado State Assessment Program (CSAP) scores that exceeded state and local district averages in all categories.

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