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Lemon Grove Middle School: Academic Performance and Excellent Technology Support through Thin Clients and Professional Development

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Case Overview
This suburban middle school with 800 students in grades 6-8, seventy-five percent of whom were eligible for free or reduced price lunch, resides in a district with an exemplary project called LemonLINK. This project started with a vision of improving teaching and learning utilizing an information infrastructure dominated by thin clients (network PCs lacking local diskette or CD-ROM storage devices) in classrooms. The district also provides these thin client computers free or at low cost to parents without home computers. Furthermore, the district provides ISP services to local government agencies.

Essential to the success of the program is a strong professional development program providing every teacher in the school with a minimum of 120 hours related to technology during the first year. Equally critical to the program is a very extensive technology support system, which is made more feasible and less costly by the thin client system whereby most software and database services are managed at the district site servers.

While the program encourages and supports all types of pedagogical approaches including inquiry and project learning, a major emphasis is on remedial activities and other technology applications that help to improve student achievement. Test score gains for the school are consistent with their program goals.

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Video Case of School
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