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Exemplary Technology-Supported Schooling Cases in the USA
School Reports & Videos: Learn about one of the eleven schools studied through links to its video case, text case report and website. Multicase Reports: Papers on topics such as professional development, leadership, instructional practices, and student outcomes that analyze at the schools studied.
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School Reports & Videos
Newsome Park Elementary
Project-based learning using wireless laptops
K-5 768 Urban 60% 60%
Canutillo Elementary
Constructivist learning, supported by technology
K-6 665 Suburban 95% 100%
Mantua Elementary
Boyer’s "Basic School" powered by technology
K-6 618 Suburban 25% 7%
Frontier Elementary
Integrated curriculum, extended school year, and technology focus
K-5 891 Suburban 11% 35%
Lower Secondary
Lemon Grove Middle School
"Thin client" system for improving academic performance
6-8 800 Suburban 65% 75%
Jennings Junior High School
Inquiry-based, technology-integrated lessons
7-8 500 Urban 95% 80%
The Mott Hall School
Laptops for all students and staff
4-8 425 Urban 96% 79%
Mountain Middle*
Technology to support standards-based achievement
6-8 1,338 Suburban 12% 7%
Upper Secondary
Emerson High School
Integration of technology with whole-language curricular reform
9-12 1,343 Urban 90% 92%
New Tech High School
High-tech preparation for a high-tech world
11-12 240 Town 46% -
The Virtual High School
Production and online delivery of elective courses within a consortium of schools
9-12 3,000 - - -

+ Poverty indicator was percent of students eligible for free or reduced cost lunch.
* Indicates school name is a pseudonym.