Ed Tech Cases Portal

Fulton Middle School through its Universal Access Laptop Project seeks to give students technological skills to compete in an increasingly technological work place and improve student achievement scores.

Jackson and Lincoln Middle Schools, both a part of the Harrison School District, each have iBook Laptop Projects and through it seek to “Enhance the curriculum of each core class” to increase student academic performance and to provide students’ with equitable access to technology and technology skills in preparation for the workplace.

Lewis Middle School through its ClassConnect project seeks to increase educational and technological equity and improve student academic achievement and performance on a variety of standardized and performance-based measures.

Shelby School through its Laptop Learning Initiative seeks to provide students with the computer skills required in the workplace.

The table below shows how these five sites for our case studies compare in terms of their enrollement, the type of community in which they are located, and the percentage of students who are minority, and receive free or reduced cost lunch.

School Name* Enrollment Community Minority Poverty+
Fulton Middle School
1,017 Suburban 24% 47%
Jackson Middle School
551 Urban 55% 22%
Lewis Middle School
890 Urban 76% 62%
Lincoln Middle School
972 Urban 87% 60%
Shelby School (K-8)
550 Rural 37% 28%

+ Poverty indicator was percent of students eligible for free or reduced cost lunch.
* School names are pseudonyms.