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Cross-case Analysis

What Added Value Does a 1:1 Student to Laptop Ratio Bring To Technology-Supported Teaching And Learning?

Matthew Dunleavy, Sara Dexter, Walter Heinecke
University of Virginia

Classroom Uses Cross-case Analysis Paper Abstract:

The purpose of this study was to document typical use and configuration of 1:1 computing in four schools focusing on the added value and unique challenges these uses present. A qualitative case study design was used in four middle schools (sixth, seventh, and eighth grade) in Virginia and California purposefully selected for their 1:1 computing programs. Data were collected through formal and informal interviews, direct observations, and site documents. Results indicated that online research, productivity tools, drill and practice, and eCommunications were the most frequent uses of computers in the 1:1 classroom. Moreover, the 1:1 classroom provided added value to these uses while simultaneously presenting unique management challenges to the teacher. However, researchers documented wide variation in implementation models and fidelity to 1:1 computing, which suggests the need for further research exploring the conditions under which this variation exists.

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